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Multinational / Multicurrency

It provides the ability to operate in multiple countries and record transactions in any currency automatically calculating the differences.

Multi Company

Manage multiple companies with separate databases

Open data structure

Allows any person authorized to access, export and import data as necessary for use and analysis with different types of utilities.

Highly configurable

The modules have an option where the "parameters" are defined on which the company will operate, determining the attributes and functions that will handle. This allows the software to suit all types of business and is a simple tool to use.

Exportable reports and consultations

The information processed by the system is exportable to other formats like Excel, HTML, etc. automatically.

Consulting Assistant

It has a wizard that allows through questions and answers, quickly implement criteria, standards, business rules, administrative circuits, general tables, structures, data models, business models, etc.


  • Softland Logic
    Manage processes of a company
  • Softland ERP Advanced
    Management of Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Softland ERP Business
    General management for SMEs

SoftMiners, experiencia y compromiso en consultoría Softland

Pensado para empresas de pequeño o mediano tamaño, tales como emprendedores, compañías en crecimiento o con nuevos desafíos, franquicias o filiales de grandes corporaciones

Success stories

SoftMiners, experience and commitment consulting Softland
Designed for small- to medium-sized, such as entrepreneurs, growth companies or new challenges, franchises or subsidiaries of large corporations

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