SoftExpertSoftExpert, offers based on the most complex and integrated web to simplify and accelerate deployment, execution, control and monitoring of multiple business application needs, including solution:
  • Business process management [BPM]

  • Corporate Performance Management [CPM]

  • Enterprise Content Management [ECM]

  • Enterprise Asset Management [EAM]

  • Project and Portfolio Management [PPM];

  • Coorporate Quality Management [EQM]

  • Corporate Risk Management [ERM]

  • Management Skills [HDM]

  • IT Service Management [ITSM]

  • Product Lifecycle Management [PLM]

  • Management Environment, Health and Safety [EHSM]

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance [GRC]

Regardless of the carrying of the company or the market sector in which it operates.

Solutions Softexpert

  • By Sector
    SoftExpert Excellence Suite
  • By Necessity
    SoftExpert Excellence Suite
  • By Technical regulations
    SoftExpert Excellence Suite

SoftMiners, experience and commitment SoftExpert consulting and enterprise application

Designed for small- to medium-sized, such as entrepreneurs, growth companies or new challenges, franchises or subsidiaries of large corporations

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Exceeds performance levels and compliance with SoftExpert, organizations of all sizes and sectors are facing major challenges, including rising costs, declining profits and inefficiency in operations. They also need to adapt to continued growth of regulations and at constant market pressure for greater innovation, quality, safety and efficiency combined with a lower price. Therefore, leaders of organizations constantly need to solve many complicated and interconnected issues.

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